So long cable TV

So, I disconnected my cable. It wasn’t a difficult decision. In an effort to give my budget a little more breathing room, I turned off my cable, and thus my TV sits dark and silent in the corner.


While it was a monetary decision, I’m realizing how little I really need television in my life at the moment. There never seemed to be enough time in a day to do what was important to me, i.e. writing, reading, art projects, exercise… all to say the least.

My morning routine consisted of me waking up and turning on the local news channel, seeing what I missed overnight as I drank coffee. Now, I enjoy my morning coffee sitting in my favorite chair next to my bedroom window and read or write and prepare for my day.

Some days I can even fit in a morning walk before getting ready for work.

It’s peaceful, actually.

Me, the birds, the smell of coffee and a quiet peace.

I’m living without TV for now. And it suits me well.


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