It’s gonna be a lovely day


I took this picture from a lovely woman’s garden who grew and made her own essential oils for aromatherapy. Such a peaceful place.

My go-to soundtrack when I need a lift is from the movie Hitch. You know, Will Smith, Kevin James… the music is upbeat and fun with one of my faves being “Don’t worry about a thing” performed by John Legend (written by the great Stevie Wonder of course!)

It is coming up to a year that I have been on my own. Having left a 20-year relationship, this past year I have found myself, well, looking for myself.

Learning to stand on my own two feet – although wobbly it has been and still is, I haven’t fallen over yet.

Discovering deep recesses in myself that I never knew existed. Aspects of my personality that I thought were dormant.

That I am stronger than I realized.

I have read books about women who have come through divorce, separation and life transitions and these things I am describing seem to run through their stories as well.

Fear. Doubt. Uncertainty. Resolve. Determination. Acceptance. Grace. Strength. Freedom.

I read hoping to find answers, but in fact I find a similar thread running between me and them. Although each story is different, there is a  common ground I have with these women I have never met. A community of women who make it daily. Who learn for the first time how to budget. Who find new careers. Who learn they like poached eggs over scrambled.

When I feel I am alone and fear that this world will swallow me whole, I grab my books and read about others. Many others. And I remember…

No, I am not alone.


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