A dog’s tale: a story of love, companionship and hanging out the car window

Hello there. It’s been awhile.

A lot has happened since the last time we met.

I can’t believe this year is over the halfway mark. It is true what they say – time goes faster as we get older. It’s a damn shame too, cause there’s so much more to miss.

Over the past few months I have lost one of my greatest treasures.

My dog, Samson.

He was my sidekick, the Thelma to my Louise, the Super to my Woman, my itty bitty buddy.


For the past thirteen years, he has been my unconditional companion.

Through late night study sessions while I was finishing my degree.

Through my divorce and unsteady settling into my new life.

He watched countless episodes of Law and Order with me,

and never turned down an opportunity to go “bye bye” in the car,

albeit to put his head out the window.

Something about dogs and car windows that delight me so much!

Something about dogs and car windows that delight me so much!

He was just shy of 14 years old when my ex-husband and I had to say our goodbyes to him.

We had a going away party for him the day before,

allowing Samson fans far and wide to come give him a little pet and let him know he was adored.

And he was. Proficiently. Immensely. Completely. Achingly.

The morning of, we gave him turkey bacon for breakfast and swung on the tree swing outside

taking turns hugging him and reliving wonderful memories.

And then we took him to the vet and said goodbye.


The pain of that goodbye still brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

I can still hear the click-click of his toenails on the kitchen linoleum.

I recall the smell of sunshine on his oh-so-soft fur,

and how his paws mysteriously smelled like buttery popcorn.

If I listen carefully, his little “brrr” still tells me to get out of bed in the morning,

or reminds me that he is right behind me before I step on him.

I can still feel him lick the water off my legs when I get out of the shower.

Physically he may not be here any longer,

but his tenacious spirit still accompanies me each and every day.

My itty bitty buddy.



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